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In Memory of our dearest, smart, loving, dog. She passed away in her sleep, on march 31, 2018

She was not ill, we do not know what happened. It was just bad luck, since it does not run in her family. Because she was such a friendly dog with lots of humour (yes really those dogs do excist), we keep this website to remember her and to show what a great dogs the stabyhouns are.


Zita is born on april 3, 2009. Of course everybody claims their dog is the sweetest dog in the world, but I actually believe there are hardly any dogs which are so kind and gentle as Zita. Everybody is allowed to hug her, she will not growl. She will runn after birds, but will not hurt them.

In the winter of 2010 I was walking Zita in the forrest, when she stood still at a tree. She looked from me to the tree and back again. Finally I went to the tree, and saw what Zita was looking out for. It was a very cold blackbird. Zita could have caught it and hurt the blackbird, but she didn't. She did show however that she pointed a pray and therefor is a real pointing dog.

Zita is a very clever, smart dog. She is still learning new trics. Look at the "video" (not translated, the movies tell you enough.

We also have a rabit, Twinkel. Unfortunately Twinkels friends died at the age of 9 and 8 years. And although rabits need friends, we decided that in stead of getting a new rabit, we give her more attention. She is already 6 years old. Zita was raised with the rabits, but we had never let them out on the with Zita. But now we did and Zita enjoyed chasing after Twinkel, but she never touched her. And Twinkel is not afraid of Zita.We did learn Zita a new command: Twinkel in it's cage. Which makes life a lot easier for us. Zita is not a sheppard dog, but in the end Twinkel is a lot faster in it's cage.Lachen


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