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Welcome on the site of Zita fan e Blommetun a Stabyhoun

On August 4 the name of our Kennel is officiel and registered by the FCI and Raad van Beheer (the dutch organisation of K9). It is V'T Narcissenhof. Which means in english house of the daffodil or Narcissus. The name of Zita (Blommetun) means Flowergarden. Our quarter is called the flowerquarter. The first puppies are expected to be born in februari 2012, in the time the Daffodils are above the ground. So now you know all about the name of Zita and her pups yet to come.

On this site you can find nice video's and pictures of Zita. If you want more information, look at the page of the NVSW "(which is the Dutch Stabyhoun organisation) or its sister organisations. There are a lot of rules from the NVSW to be able to breed with the stabyhoun. All these rules make it a quite healthy breed of dogs. 

See: www.nvsw.nl. The nvsw has several foreign sisterorganisations.

We would appreciate it very much if you leave a reaction on the "home"page. If you want to have more information or contact, please fill in the dutch "contact"form.

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