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Nest 2013?


Nest 2013?


Zita x Anco (usedname Jilles) (0%)





We are expecting the first nest april/may. At least half of the number of pups is sold with the help of the NVSW. We ask 750 euro, which is according to the rules of the NVSW.

 De pups are good socialised. They are raised in our house and grow accostumed to loud sounds, driving in a car, with the bike, traffic, playing children, old and disabled persons and the things disabled persons use, the vacuumcleaner etc. Future owners can indicate if there are any specific items for which the pups will have to grow accostumed to, for instance cats or other sounds. We will try to contact the pups with those things.

Zita is officially free of HD (A) and has no ED. She also meets the other standards of the NVSW. But the most important of all is her karakter: a super friendly dog, fond off children, eager to learn and a little bit headstrong with a sense of humor.  


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